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An other day of golfIt happens every day.  When you are trying to squeeze in a few holes before the days out or enjoying a leisurely round with some guys on the weekend, golf carts make the process more enjoyable.  No one really thinks about the dangers.  Sure, it’s not uncommon to see someone take a spill every once in a while.  They get up and receive a clap or thumbs up.  But just last year a woman in our country died when her golf cart was hit by a car.  Are you prepared for a golf cart accident?

On and Off the Course

It is a very common sight in Florida to see golf carts carrying their passengers around to where they want to go.  It is no wonder why many retired folks choose our state and spend their days swinging a club and eating lunch close to the harbor.  Golf carts are an easy way to get around.  Golf carts can be rented out for special events.  And some retirement communities only allow golf cart travel within the property. 

Dangers of a Golf Cart Accident

The most common severe injuries are from people being thrown from the cart by high impact.  This can be from a vehicle or a collision with another golf cart.  Due to the large elderly population in the Melbourne area, what could be a tuck and roll, ends up with broken bones.  Golf cart accidents can be very dangerous and cause injuries such as:

  • Fractures; most commonly ankle, legs, collar bone and wrists
  • Concussions
  • Skull fractures
  • Hemorrhage

Staying Safe

Golf carts today are not the same as they were when grandpa was driving them.  They have bigger engines, can seat more passengers, and have loud professional sound systems.  They have become a very popular mode of transportation and are no longer limited to the golf course or main event venues.

Many people enjoy a few drinks while cruising around and may even let their children drive the carts.  There seems to be a false sense of security here, and it has resulted in an increase of emergency room visits from golf cart accidents since the turn of the century.

If you have been involved in a Melbourne area golf cart accident and were injured from the negligence of another person, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries as well as lost wages, benefits and pain and suffering.