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Wound dressing seriesBurns affect the largest organ of your body, your skin.  And it’s probably safe to assume most people don’t burn themselves intentionally.  Burns arise from injury due to accidents or even faulty or defective parts.  When your Melbourne area injuries are a result of someone else’s negligence or purposeful intent, you may have a valid personal injury claim.    

Burn Injury by Defective Products

Personal injury law is a complex vein of the legal system.  Many Melbourne attorneys can help you determine the best route to take when it comes to seeking compensation for your burn injuries.   They can help navigate the different parties involved, such as worker’s comp or other insurance companies that may be engaged in the settlement process.  Whether you have been injured on the job or in a public venue; chemical burns or flame burns, when the cause is a defective product, liability will need to be established and an attorney knows how to do that.

Common Scenarios Compensation may be Awarded

  • Apartment fires caused by faulty electrical wiring or
  • Boat or automobile accident
  • Explosions from chemical negligence or criminal activity
  • Hot beverages
  • Chemical burns (most commonly in the lungs or on the face) caused by spills or cleaning agents
  • Low and high voltage electrical burns from negligence of safety regulations
  • Grease fires in restaurants
  • Boat fires from defective mechanical parts

Inhalation Injuries

These types of personal injuries go hand in hand with burn injuries.  They can be caused by fire accidents as well as chemical incidents.  When smoke enters the lungs, carbon monoxide poisoning begins to develop.  There are often other chemicals that can be inhaled that give way to complication days after the accident.  It is estimated that more than half of all fatalities related fire accidents are caused by smoke inhalation.

Burden of Burn Injuries

Burns can be some of the most painful injuries with complex recoveries.  Thousands of dollars in medical bills can drain a person’s life savings and retirement.  One unexpected event can turn upside down a person’s life goals to cover skin grafts, surgeries, physical therapy, property damages, psychological therapy for conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and much more.  Time away from work leaves families with lowered wages and insufficient benefits.

Always seek medical treatment and follow proper safety precautions.  If you or a loved one find yourself in the Melbourne area with personal burn injuries, you may be entitled to compensation to recover losses and move on with your life.