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angelaNot all attorneys represent clients on all areas of law and not all of them specialize in personal injury.  That should be your first criteria when searching for an attorney for your personal injury claim.  You should also look into each attorney’s specialization within personal injury law.  The legal system is so complex that it is no wonder attorneys spend years studying and studying with a specific focus.

You Do Need a Personal Injury Attorney

It is possible to file your own claim and represent yourself before the judge in civil court, but it is strongly advised against.  You need a representative familiar with court proceedings and an in depth knowledge of personal injury law.  Personal injury attorneys are familiar with negotiations and what judges look favorably and unfavorably on when preparing a case for trial.

Search Criteria

You will want to look at the number of years they have been practicing personal injury law as well as their trial experience.  It is always a good thing to arrive at an agreeable settlement before the case goes to trial, but if it should go to trial, you want an attorney who will be confident and comfortable to represent you well.

A winning record is never a bad thing.  There is always a reason why attorneys lose cases.  It could be they file paperwork wrong, miss deadlines or other technicalities.  It is hard to believe they just have bad luck.  With that being said, new attorneys who are young and fresh from law school are often willing to take the extra time and passionate effort to make a great name for themselves.


Most personal injury attorneys will look at your case for free at an initial consultation.  It is a good opportunity to sit across from them and get a feel for their personality and approach they would take.  You may be sitting across the table from the most reputable attorney in the world, but if they are too blunt or aggressive you may feel intimidated to contact them.  You want the opposition to be intimidated, not you.

The cost may be a factor to consider.  Attorney fees can add up quickly, especially if your case goes to trial.  Check with the attorneys you are looking into.  There are some who offer a no fee unless you recover; in which case their fee would come out of the settlement you receive.  If you receive nothing, they receive nothing as well.