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Businessman FallingPersonal injury law is a very broad aspect of the legal system.  The premise of personal injury law is based on wrongful or negligent conduct on behalf of the defendant.  It may also be referred to as tort law which comes from the Latin word for twist, harm or wrong when the government is not the prosecutor.  Personal injury cases can range from the very common to the very bizarre.  One thing for sure is that if you or someone you know has a Melbourne area personal injury claim, an attorney can help you seek compensation.

Top 5 Common Melbourne, FL Personal Injury Claims

  • Car Accidents: The entire state of Florida has a high car accident rate of incidence. The most common injuries associated with Florida accidents are back trauma, whiplash, concussions, and spinal cord and brain injuries.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Our warm and almost tropical climate is perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the helmet law is no longer in effect.  Severe injuries and the death rate have skyrocketed.
  • Boating Accidents: With so much coastline to love, it is not wonder that Florida comes in at the number one state for accidents related to watercraft of every type. The most common injuries associated with boating accidents are drowning, brain and spinal cord injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, broken bones and hypothermia.
  • Slips and Falls: These cases are the most common within the high population of the elderly in Florida. Most slips and falls are minor; however, the elderly are more prone to severe lacerations and broken bones.
  • Premises liability cases: These types of personal injury are directed at property owners who have failed to secure their property adequately. This does include slips and falls, but also extends to inefficient security resulting in assaults and rapes.

These are just the top five most common in the Melbourne, FL area.  Personal injuries can happen anywhere to anyone.  They are unexpected and affect not just the lives of those injured, but also the lives of those who now have to care for them and share the burden.

In cases where there has been a wrongful death, no amount of compensation can make things ok.  But it can help cover costs and ease the financial burden of unexpectedly losing someone.  Personal injury claims are only for the awarding of monetary compensation.  Any criminal charges are a separate suit.