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App ButtonManufacturers have to constantly check the products they offer to the public to ensure they are safe.  No matter how many safety precautions or design changes there may be, sometimes a product is found to be faulty and hazardous.  Death can occur due to some of these failures.  Manufacturers are held accountable when their materials, manufacturing techniques or design are the reason for the failure.

Recently, the news has been buzzing about the possibility of air bag failure in millions of cars.  It has been found that metal shards will forcefully fly at the driver or passenger from the deployment of these faulty air bags.  The company that manufactures the air bags has finally admitted to using inferior materials in its manufacturing and will most likely face numerous wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits because of this. 

How do you know if a product is defective?  It might not be apparent at first.  Checking with the manufacturer about other claims may tell you if someone else has had a similar experience.  Looking on-line will tell you if there are others with the same experiences.  If you believe the product was faulty and was the cause of the injury or death, talking to an attorney will also let you know what your rights are regarding the situation.

Many products have been found to be faulty.  There are cribs that caused children’s’ deaths by design failures.  There have been tires that failed and caused accidents.  Medical devices have been found to be made of inferior materials and caused injury or death.  Something as innocent as window blinds have had to be redesigned due to accidental death cases.  The cords from window blinds had been the cause of several deaths in children.  The cords were long enough to wrap round a child’s neck and cause suffocation.  Having the cords kept up and out of reach is one easy solution that saves lives every year.

Most manufacturers will quickly deal with a product that is found defective.  The item is pulled from sale to the public and redesigned.  Recalls for products already purchased are common.  Vehicles receive recalls and sometimes just need a small part or fix to correct the issue.

When there is any concern that an injury or death has occurred to a loved one due to a defective product it is best to seek legal advice from a personal injury or wrongful death attorney.  They have the expertise to guide you through your options.