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Wrongful death claims are unique under Florida personal injury statute in that the person filing the claim is not the victim.  Only an appointed personal representative can bring forth a wrongful death claim on behalf of the deceased.  An attorney is not required to file a wrongful death lawsuit in a Florida court, but there are many benefits to hiring one during such a tragic and stressful time.

Experience is Key

When a loved one is lost, there are many pieces to pick up.  When that loss was unexpected, the tragedy is greater.  Because wrongful death covers a vast expanse of Florida law, it is a very intricate and often complex vein of the law to bring forth claims.  An experienced Melbourne, FL area wrongful death attorney is familiar with the intricacies of the court and can adequately present your case on behalf of the deceased to seek fair compensation.  They can help guide you through an otherwise overwhelming process and help you get through unforeseeable setbacks and challenges.

Legal Representation Offers Protection

Wrongful death law in the state of Florida is designed to protect all members involved while seeking fair and just compensation for the surviving family.  There is often tension during the process of filing a wrongful death claim due to the natural grieving process, the unexpected upheaval in life, and the unfortunate reality of family squabbles.  An attorney will allow the court appointed personal representative to know their legal rights and be best able to uphold the deceased’s rights and wishes.

Choosing a Good Melbourne, FL Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death falls under personal injury law.  Many personal injury attorneys specialize in certain wrongful death practice, like nursing home or elder abuse action.  When choosing an attorney to offer legal representation, experience is crucial for a number of technical reasons.  Failure to meet these technical requirements such as filing on time, proper paperwork and presenting of the complaint could end in a dismissal of the claim.  Experience is also crucial for the confidence it offers during a time when the family is still grieving.  It is one less thing you need to worry about.

To choose a wrongful death attorney you can be confident in, it is best to consult with a few and go with the one you feel most confident and comfortable.  Many attorneys will offer a free consultation and take their agreed upon fee from the awarded damages at the end of the case.