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Injury FloridaIt’s the end of February and almost every college student is waiting impatiently for Spring Break. Spring Break, a time when our future leaders throw themselves and caution to the wind to experience the debauchery only this time of year brings. Florida has long been a prime destination for Spring Breakers. Those warm days, ocean breezes and no parents encourage college student to behave with abandon. And I’m sure alcohol plays a big part too. Binge drinking and hormones are a dangerous combination and every year there are accidents and injuries during the time Spring Break.

As the cities of Daytona and Cocoa Beach can attest, they are inundated by hundreds of thousands of college students. These students are there to have a good time at any cost. Unfortunately, there have been times when the cost has been too high. It’s not unusual to hear of a fatal accident that occurred while celebrating Spring Break. A student gets too drunk and falls from his hotel room balcony. Another student is stabbed during a robbery. There have probably even been drowning due to intoxicated swimmers.

There have been statistics that show just how intoxicated people get during Spring Break. For example, the average male will have 18 drinks a day. The average female will consume 10. 50% of all the people questioned, both male and female, stated they drank until they were sick or passed out at least once. And of the men, 40% reported being intoxicated on a daily basis while 33% percent of the females reported being intoxicated daily. Intoxication leads to instability while standing or walking or any other activity. Injuries from falls are a certainty.

How can someone protect themselves while partying at Spring Break? Someone on Spring Break might not be familiar with the location of their hotel. Always take a card from the front desk with the hotel’s name, address and phone number on it to help get you back. Don’t carry valuables with you. Don’t leave a party or a club with a stranger. All legitimate taxi cabs are marked as taxi cabs; don’t get in an unmarked car with someone who claims it is a cab. For those who intend to drink, make sure someone in the group remains sober. And never accept a drink that you haven’t witnessed being made.

Following common sense rules for your Spring Break vacation will help ensure you remain injury free.