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Swimming Pool CleaningIt’s summertime!  Those who went through a difficult winter are rejoicing and getting ready for BBQs and pool parties.  For us who live in the Melbourne, Florida area, we are used to this wonderful weather and have our pools pretty much ready most of the year.  Swimming pools are a tremendous amount of fun, but also a huge responsibility.  Injuries around swimming pools happen in an instant.  Accidental drownings happen as well.  There are steps a pool owner needs to take to make sure those people enjoying his or her pool stay safe and personal injury free.

Fencing around your pool is required in most areas.  This not only keeps out animals and the unwanted spontaneous pool crashers, it keeps children out when adults are not around to supervise.  Every year there is the heartbreaking story of a small child who wandered into a pool or lake unattended and drowned.  A secure fence is the number one deterrent to this.

Another common injury around a pool area is a slip and fall.  We all tell people to walk and not run around the pool area.  This is easier said than done when everyone is having a great time.  The tile looks great surrounding your pool, but is very slippery.  Try installing a concrete surround which has a less slippery surface.  There are also products you can put on existing pool landscaping that will add a grittier texture and will make slips and falls less likely.

Diving accidents are another injury common to swimming pools.  Diving head first into a shallow depth of water has caused many tragic head and neck injuries that have resulted in paralysis.  Kids aren’t going to pay attention to whether or not your pool is deep enough to safely dive head first into.  By allowing kids to jump in and not dive in you can let them still have their fun and keep them safe from diving injuries.  A good rule to follow is “No diving board, no diving.”

Make sure everyone who uses your pool is aware of the rules of your pool.  Those who do not know how to swim should always have flotation vests or other swimming aids on.  Keep a rescue pole handy in case someone in your pool needs help getting back to the side of the pool.  These poles are easy to grasp on to and will keep the rescuer out of the water so they will not become someone in need also.

These simple tips for pool safety will keep your summer a happy and injury free one.