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moto1Well, it’s happened. You’ve crashed your bike. That guy in the old beat up pickup, who was talking on his cell phone, pulled out in front of you. Luckily, you had a little warning and could slow down a bit. That slowing down was the reason you only broke a hip, a leg, your shoulder and had the road rash from hell. Now some time has passed and you are healing nicely. It’s time to try and get your life and bike back in order. You’re going to need a lawyer. Where do you look first?

Brevard County has its fair share of lawyers listed online and in the phone book. You can look for an attorney who has a general practice or one who specializes in a particular area. Truly, any of these attorneys are capable to handle your case, although it might not be a great choice to pick a divorce attorney to handle your accident. Any lawyer that specializes in one particular area of law has concentrated their experience and knowledge in that subject. They know their specialty inside and out.  A lawyer who has a general practice will know about the law in general, but may not have handled enough motorcycle accidents to know all the ins and outs that will get you the best representation. So now that you know that you might be looking for an attorney that specializes in motorcycle accidents. And they are out there.

Brevard County, as most of Florida, attracts its fair share of bikers. They are everywhere, and so are motorcycle accidents. It only goes without saying, the lawyers in that area of law will be easier to find than one in Billings, Montana where the riding season is relatively short. What do you need to know about the attorney you are looking for? Ask around; chances are, you know someone who has been in a situation similar to yours. Who did they use and were they satisfied with the outcome. You can check the attorney’s record to see how his or her cases turn out. And, of course, schedule an appointment for a consultation to make sure you and the attorney can work together.

If you were wondering if a motorcycle attorney is different than other attorneys, the answer is yes.  They are more experienced at representing those involved with motorcycle incidents and have the knowledge to take your claim to a successful conclusion.