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Batter SwingsThe pitcher studies the signals given to him by the catcher.  He nods when the one he likes is given to let the catcher know what to expect.  He winds up and throws the ball.  With the ball reaching speeds around 100mph, the batter swings as the ball gets within reach.  The fans hear a loud crack and before you know it half of the bat if flying towards the stands.  Before she can move away from it, the bat hits her right arm as she protects her face.  Her arm is broken.  She is removed from the stands by a medical team and taken to a hospital.  This is all too common a sight at a baseball game. 

Nascar has had its share of harrowing accidents involving fans as well.  Cars flying around the racetrack at incredible speeds bump into each other frequently.  The recent accident at Daytona where the car of driver Austin Dillon was bumped and slammed into the catch fence, breaking into pieces is only the latest example of the risk sports fans take going to watch an event.  Thankfully, in this accident only one spectator was taken to the hospital and the driver, Austin Dillon was able to walk away from the wreck.

Did you know that there is an estimate that at every major league game at least one spectator is in significantly injured?  Actually, there have been 35 deaths at major league games caused by errant baseballs and broken bats.  As you would expect, many file lawsuits when suffering an injury at a sporting event.  What might surprise you is that most who file these suits are unsuccessful in being awarded any financial settlement.

It is believed by most courts that when someone attends a sporting event they are aware of the dangers involved.  Common sense would tell a spectator watching a ball game that with 35-40 foul balls hit into the stands at each game, there is a risk of being hit by one.  The same goes for Nascar.  Accidents are common and not all will be contained on the track.  It is impossible to tell where debris is going to land.

The only time the arena, track or other venue would be responsible for an injury if it was determined not all safety precautions were followed.  Any questions regarding injuries during sporting events should be directed to your attorney.