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goofy bald senior man picking his ear with index fingerFiling a personal injury claim is necessary to ensure financial stability after an incident that affects earning potential and medical bills.  There are, however, many who use the system to try and get rich quick.  These baseless claims cost money and clog the court systems.  Here are some of these claims.

Michael Jordan was sued by a man who claimed he was permanently injured and experiencing emotional pain and suffering because he was often mistaken for the superstar.  He ended up dropping the lawsuit.

A man in San Jose sued the owners of a dog he had killed in a road rage incident.  He was sentenced for 3 years and filed the lawsuit while in prison serving that sentence.  He claimed post-traumatic stress disorder and mental anguish from the incident.  The court wisely threw the case out.

Unbelievably enough, a man sued Providence Hospital for negligence.  He claims they didn’t prevent him from raping a patient.  It was determined in court; he is responsible for his own actions in committing the crime.

Universal Studios was sued for being too scary.  A female visited the Halloween Horror haunted house and claimed it caused extreme fear, emotional distress and mental anguish.  Pretty much what a haunted house is designed to do.

Anhauser-Busch was sued for misleading ads.  A man claimed that he suffered mental injury and emotional distress because the beautiful women in the commercial fantasies did not appear to him while he was enjoying his beer.  He claimed false advertising under Michigan law.  The case was dismissed.

A man serving a sentence in a Virginia correctional facility sued himself.  He claimed he violated his own civil rights.    He claimed he allowed himself to get intoxicated, which caused him to commit breaking and entering and grand larceny.  This not only violated his civil rights but also his religious beliefs.  He has a 22 year sentence in which to bemoan that his case was thrown out.

Not every far-fetched law suit is brought about by frivolous acts.  The parents of the Columbine School victims joined together to sue the makers of violent video games and movies claiming the massacre would not have taken place if these movies and games were not made.  The case was thrown out and the parties that brought the lawsuit forward were ordered to pay legal fees for the defendants named in the suit.

These types of lawsuits will never go away.  We can only continue to read about them and shake our heads in disbelief.