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girl with crutchesWell, it’s winter. Yippee. It’s the time of year in the northern states for snow and ice and slippery surfaces. Of course, there are the occasional icy conditions in the south too. Probably the people up north are more accustomed to the slipping and sliding and are better equipped to prevent a fall. The people in the south, not so much. Up north an inch of snow is a “dusting”. In the south, an inch of snow is a disaster with schools and businesses closed, cars spun out all over the place and people falling right and left. Northerners get a kick out of this, but when people are injured it is no laughing matter.

Let’s imagine that your mailman has slipped and fallen on your front steps. There he is, lying flat on his back, unable to get up. After calling for help and having him checked out by a medical facility, what can you expect? Well, if the mailman was injured, you will probably be sued for medical expenses and loss of work wages while he recuperates. Your homeowner’s policy, depending on your coverage will most likely cover this. As long as you had your steps reasonably cleared of snow and ice and the stairs were in good working order there should be no criminal charges. But if it snowed on Saturday night and it’s now Monday afternoon and you made no move to clear the steps you might be facing a negligence charge.  In addition, if the stairs had been in disrepair and you were aware of it, there is the possibility of additional charges.

There are many other causes of falls not just ice and snow. Falls can occur at any time of the year.  Stairs can be dilapidated any time of the year. Walkways can be cracked and raised causing you to trip and fall. Someone could spill a liquid causing you to slip and fall. If you do slip and fall and are injured, there are will be medical bills that someone may be responsible for. The owner of the building with the broken stairs would be responsible. The town or business where the walkway was cracked and raised would be responsible. The person who spilled the liquid or the store where is was spilled in would be responsible.

If you ever need advice on how to have those medical bills and any other expenses paid for by those responsible don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer.