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Portable Nail GunAccidents happen every day; falls, slips, lacerations, motor vehicle accidents and more.  Even with the run of the mill type accidents, occasionally things happen that make us scratch our heads.  You look at an incident and wonder, “how in the world did that happen?”.  Let’s check out some of the strangest accidents out there.

As you can imagine, the construction business has accidents occur on a regular basis.  In 2013, a carpenter building a deck shot a nail into his heart while trying to build a deck.  He was leaning on a board and had the nail gun at chest level.  He had his hand on the trigger and the gun jumped.  Unbelievably, it only took two stitches to repair the damage to his heart.  Another construction injury occurred when a roofer who was sitting on a roof stapling a shingle to the roof miscalculated and stapled the shingle to his penis.  Ouch!

In China, a boy was riding his bike down a dirt road when the seat of the bike bent and the rod that holds the seat on penetrated his anus.  Firefighters who responded to the scene removed most of the bike but were unable to remove the rod.  The unfortunate boy was transported to a local hospital where a medical team was able to free him from the rod without serious injury.  On the same note, another boy in the United States was left alone to his own vices one afternoon.  Being curious about different areas of his body and what things would feel like, he started experimenting inserting things into his anus.  This experiment came to grinding halt when he got a hockey stick stuck up there.  He called 9-1-1 and was transported to the ER and had the stick removed.

In England, a novice bell ringer at St. Nicholas church almost met an early demise when she was in the belfry ringing the bells during a practice session.  She was ringing the bells one minute and tangled up in the ropes 20 feet above the belfry floor the next.    Firefighters had to disassemble the floor to be able to reach her and release her from the ropes.  Not all these strange accidents end up on a positive note.  In Brazil, a man was in his hut, sleeping.  He was killed when his cow, which was on the grass roof grazing, fell through and landed on him.

No matter the circumstances of an accident, always keep good notes with all the details in case a lawsuit is in your future.