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young man texting and driving distractedIf you are 35 or over, you probably didn’t have the ability to text from your cell phone like you do now when first started driving. And if you are over 50 having a cell phone while learning to drive was unheard of. A cell phone? What was that? The only distractions we had were rowdy friends and changing the radio stations. When cell phones became something everyone was using, it became apparent that accidents have happened more frequently to those using them while driving. Talking on your phone was everywhere. It was hard to drive past another car without seeing the driver on the phone. As dangerous as that was, texting is so much more dangerous.

When you text someone on your phone, your eyes are no longer on the road. You are looking at your cell phone screen. Receiving a reply to your text also requires your attention to be diverted from the road. There is no way around looking at your cell phone screen and reading something and taking your eyes off the road. It’s easy to visualize what can happen from this. There are TV commercials that show the outcome in dramatic fashion. And they are correct.

Let’s say you are busy having a romantic texting session with your girlfriend. This girl means everything to you and you would never have her think you are ignoring her to pay attention to the road. You don’t want her mad at you. As you are typing a reply to her comment about your date later, you run a red light. You didn’t see the light and you also didn’t see the Honda with the family of 3 that you broadsided, killing a 9 year old boy who was in the back seat. You have devastated a family plus you yourself have suffered serious injuries.

You have a long road ahead of you. You need to heal from your injuries. And then as you try and come to terms with the result of your text messages (which you most likely never will) you are going to find yourself in court. The family you hit will sue for medical costs and damages. Your insurance company will probably be paying that. However, you could be charged with wrongful death. You caused the death of their child with your negligent actions. Did you know your potential earnings over your lifetime can be affected? Their child gone, everyone’s life altered forever and your financial situation forever changed. Now let me ask you, was that text worth it?