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Car crashFlorida has it all; sunshine, warm weather and wonderful ocean breezes. That’s why it’s one of America’s favorite vacation destinations. And it also is one of America’s favorite places to retire. The climate in Florida lends itself to many outdoor activities. It also lends itself to a multitude of ways to injure yourself.

If you consider the growing population of seniors in the state, you can probably come up with a few examples of common injuries. The elderly can have balance problems so falls are right up there for common accidents. Falls cause broken bones, sprained tendons and ligaments. If you’ve fallen, you also need to watch out for those fire ants. They can leave you with a great deal of pain. Have you also thought about other accidents a senior could have? Seniors lose hand/eye coordination or motor skills as they age. Their reflexes in avoiding a car accident might not be sharp enough to keep them from being in one. Perhaps they have caused the accident because of their decreased driving abilities. 

Now I’m not just harping on the elderly. Automobile accidents can happen to anyone at any age. And Florida has its fair share. The warm year round temperatures also bring out the motorcycles, lots of motorcycles. As a matter of fact, there are several big bike week events throughout the state. The motorcyclists swerve in and out of traffic causing accidents or they are hit by cars that didn’t see them in time. And you might think motorcyclists drink so there are more drunk drivers on the roads. Not necessarily. However, bike week attracts those who indulge and Spring Break also attracts those who indulge. Alcohol lends itself to rowdy behavior which can lead to assaults and other injuries.

Let’s not forget the amazing water sports associated with Florida. Boats are everywhere. Motor boat accidents rise every year in Florida as inexperienced boaters take to the water. Where there’s water, you might find an alligator or two. Although alligator attacks on humans are relatively low, just having them be on the road or in the water might cause a driver to swerve and hit something.

And last but certainly not least, I’m thinking back injuries have to be one the most common injuries in Florida. There are so many golf courses serving would be Tiger Woods types; there must be all kinds of uncoordinated swings happening every minute. Ouch! So yes, Florida has it all, but it also has an equal amount of ways to hurt yourself. Stay safe out there, please.