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Scooter crash in the urban streetThere are two types of people in the world. There are those who wouldn’t take anyone to court for fear of causing bad feelings. And there are those who would sue at the drop of a hat. Neither type is correct.  Taking someone to court should not be a get rich quick plan nor should it be something avoided at all costs. There are times when going to court to protect yourself and your property is necessary.

For instance, you’ve been in a motorcycle accident. You were driving the motorcycle and had someone cut over in front of you on the highway. They claimed you were in their blind spot. You ended up wrecking the bike and spending weeks laid up with fractured bones. You lost wages and now can’t keep up with all your bills. You believe the other driver was clearly at fault. There is no reason you should have this hardship when someone else’s error in driving caused your injuries. This is when you consult with a motorcycle attorney. The motorcycle attorney will review the accident and its cause, calculate the damages you should recoup and determine if your case will succeed. What if you were the person driving the car? This person also might contact a motorcycle attorney for expert advice on how to proceed. Someone not familiar with motorcycles laws will need an attorney who is well versed in them to point out areas of fault.

Accidents aren’t the only time to call a motorcycle attorney. Many motorcyclists are cited with motor vehicle violations by the police. Perhaps that officer thought your muffler was too loud. Did you have it modified? Are you 20 and not wearing a helmet? Maybe you had one too many beers and got stopped. It would be worth consulting a motorcycle attorney to represent you. Any moving violation is something that can be argued in court. Having an attorney that knows the law regarding motorcycles verbatim is as asset you need.

Any time you have an incident involving your motorcycle is an appropriate time to consult with a motorcycle attorney. Whether it’s an accident, a moving violation, damage to your bike or getting hurt working on someone’s bike, anything at all, be safe and protect yourself. This is a time to remember you have rights. Your attorney will advise you on the best way to handle these scenarios.