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Injury claimThere are thousands of accidents that happen each day all over the world. When there are more than two entities or parties involved the liability of the accident must be determined. The process of determining who is responsible for the accident can be challenging. It can also be an easy open and shut case if there is evidence of negligence or carelessness.

Who does the Responsibility Fall on?

Liability must be determined before any cases can be resolved. Insurance companies require a full police report documenting the incident and how it happened. These reports have been the guiding light in many cases to help determine responsibility. The following have previously been seen and used to prove who the liable person is in the event of an accident:

  • Accidents that occur on private property may be linked to the owner’s negligence. The property may not have been properly maintained or the structure poorly built, both of these are a result of negligence. In some instances Mother Nature may have created the hazard, but it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the property and make sure the hazard is taken care of in a timely manner.
  • When a contractor is hired the work that they do within a customer’s home, whether it is on the inside or outside, must be done with caution and safety. Hazards that are created and damage sustained by the homeowner or another person as a result of the contractor’s negligence calls for a personal injury lawsuit. However, in this case the contractor and the company they have been contracted out through can both be held as responsible parties.
  • Defective products are manufactured and placed on the shelves on a regular basis. The problem may not directly link to an action of an individual, but the company responsible for the defective products can be held liable for not catching it and removing it quickly in the event that someone was to be harmed due to the defect. In many cases the seller of the product, even though it may be different than the manufacturer, may also be found at fault for allowing the product to be sold. The defect could have happened while the product was being manufactured, packaged, shipped, or put on display at the seller’s location.

If you feel as if you may have a personal injury lawsuit but are unsure as to go about filing for it, contact a professional. Personal Injury lawyers can help determine whether or not you have a case and the extent of the case. They can also provide a substantial amount of help in filing the claim and attending the court proceedings.