Ice in Melbourne, FloridaThis winter has been one that many in the northeast would like to quickly put behind them. It seems the frigid below zero temperatures and snowfall every few days will never stop. I hear there is even a bounty on the groundhog that predicted this! As much as they are suffering up north, the people in Florida secretly smirk at their good fortune for living in a state of sunshine and warmth. But let’s not feel too smug, too soon; there can and has been cold snaps in Florida.

Every year it seems there are times when the temperature dips in the Sunshine State. These temperature dips cause havoc with the orange crops. They can also cause slippery conditions on sidewalks and roads. Now, the one thing the people in the northeast have over all of us Floridians is they know how to deal with ice and snow. We are really just oblivious down here. Even if you are originally from the north, you’ve put all those ice and snow skills away, never to be used again. So when it’s a bit slippery on the sidewalk and road surfaces, how can you protect yourself from an accident?

If the weather in the Melbourne area is calling for a freeze, don’t drive if at all possible. Even if you think you know what you’re doing, it’s guaranteed that others on the road will not be so savvy. You might be in control of your car and be sideswiped by someone who isn’t. As far as walking on the sidewalks, why not wait for that to thaw as well. If you do have to venture out take small, tiny steps. You could even sprinkle some cat litter or bird seed ahead of you as you walk for a little traction.

If you’ve taken every precaution available and still slip anyway, don’t move until you are absolutely sure you are not injured. Sometimes adrenaline kicks in and it might take a few minutes to realize you are injured. Call for assistance if needed. If the icy conditions are due to the negligence of another, gather as much information as possible in case legal recourse is required; protect yourself. Your attorney will need as much information as possible if you go to court. Remember, you don’t have to live in the northeast to experience icy conditions; you can slip and fall in Melbourne, Florida too.

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