motorcycle accident attorney melbourne flThere are many arguments someone will give you to validate why they ride a motorcycle.  But what of the motorcycle insurance? The motorcycle costs less than a car.  The motorcycle costs less to operate.  It goes farther on a tank of gas than a car.  And the insurance is less on a bike than a car.  The insurance might be less.  What are some contributing factors in the quote given to you?

First of all, a motorcycle is smaller than a car.  Motorcycles are also more dangerous to ride.  Not as much damage would happen to the vehicle you hit.  Another factor is the age of the bike. Obviously an older bike is going to be less expensive. Also the type of bike affects your rate.  A fast bike, like a Ducati is going to cost more than a Honda 250.  Your driving record will be taken into account.  Are you a perfect driver without a blemish on your driving record or are you known to all of your friends as “Crash”.  The more accidents or moving violations you have in your driving history, the higher the amount of money you’ll be shelling out on a monthly basis will be.  Now, the insurance companies will still use your credit as a payment calculator.  As unfair as that seems, it is a common practice.  Of course your age has a lot to do with it.  A 55 year old is going to pay less insurance than someone who is 18.  Insurance companies also look at geography when coming up with premium amounts.  A state that has weather where the riding season is longer will cost more.  A state that is more densely populated will cost more.

Motorcycle insurance may or may not be required depending on the state you live in.  In Florida, it is not required to have insurance to register a motorcycle.  However, if the person operating a motorcycle has caused an accident, that person will be held responsible for any damage or injuries suffered by others.  Even though liability insurance in not a requirement, it is something that makes sense.   Florida does have a no-fault insurance requirement that requires personal injury protection for your car.  This requirement is not applicable to motorcycles.

Because there are many different regulations regarding motorcycle insurance coverage, it is recommended that a motorcycle insurance professional be contacted.  Only then can you rest assured that you are adequately insured for your bike.

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