Many people can recall walking through the local grocery store and seeing the yellow “Wet Floor” signs after they’ve cleaned up a spill. This is to make sure that if you do pass by you are careful, but it also ensures that if you happen to slip and fall they are not liable. The reason that they are worried, as should anyone who sees wet floors, is that if you were to fall you could seriously damage parts of your body. Some slip-and-fall incidents, especially those that heed no warning, may require the assistance of a lawyer.

When someone slips and falls in a location where there should not have been a reason to slip, there may be grounds for a lawsuit. For those who damage their bodies and require medical attention, the medical costs alone will require some compensation from the person responsible. In the right circumstances, hazardous conditions could be a wet floor that has just been mopped over or waxed, an entry way that has mud, water, or ice that was tracked in, spills from liquids, or cracked uneven surfaces.

The Injuries Sustainable by a Slip and Fall Incident

Whether you consider yourself young or old, chances are your body is not indestructible. If you were to fall just right on a certain part of your body, you could cause serious damage. To put it into perspective how dangerous it can be to fall down here are a few injuries that could result from slipping and falling.

  • Sprained or Fractured wrists
  • Fractured hips
  • Injuries to your face
  • Head injuries or concussions
  • Abrasions, contusions, or lacerations

This is only a few of the injuries that can occur when you slip and fall. It is important that you see a doctor immediately after falling if you feel off balance, in pain, or increase soreness. Hiring a professional injury attorney is also recommended if you were unaware that the danger of slipping was present and the incident occurred on public or private property that was not your own.

To avoid being responsible for someone slipping and falling on your property, whether it be residential or commercial property, keep an eye out for spills and wet spots. If found, they should be cleaned up immediately. Even if just in your own home, spills should be cleaned up to avoid having a family member fall and seriously injure themselves. Also, when mopping and waxing the floor alert the other members in the area so they know to stay away or risk slipping.

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