OSHA is there to keep everyone safe within the workplace. Those that have worked in a company have had to go through the safety guidelines and regulations in order to get the most training possible. Keeping not only employers, but employees safe at the same time is their goal.

Through a new preventative program, they’re working to reduce the number of slip and fall accidents that occur within the workplace each year. Not only is this good for the employers and company as a whole, but it also means that more employees are going to be kept out of harms way, which is the ultimate goal that OSHA has planned.

What the New Guidelines Mean for Everyone

Though, not a lot is going to change when it comes to the safety meetings and tests that have to be taken, there are new regulations that are going to be put in place specifically for slips and falls within the workplace.

The employees within the workplace have to go through a more comprehensive training session on this subject matter. As well as the employers and managers throughout the specific place. They each have to take a test and everyone has to keep an eye out for slippery, hazardous areas.

Not only will this testing and informational session be ideal to keep those within the workplace safe, but if there are clients and customers coming to the building, it can also help to keep them safe and the company to reduce the chances of a claim against them if someone shopping or doing business with them falls and slips within their building.

OSHA is hoping that this new regulation and byline can help all companies out there, their employees and the clients, and their customers to remain safe and not have slips and falls while visiting the building. However, the guidelines have to be followed by everyone that goes through the training process, so it is important to stress this to the employees of the workplace that have to go through the training.

This means that companies will have less lawsuits against them due to slips and falls that occur in the workplace, while also reducing the number of Worker’s Comp claims that come through on a daily basis. This is something that can help the company stay accident free, while also ensuring that they’re not paying out hefty fines to those that become injured due to the accident.

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