Bobbi Kristina CaseBobbi Kristina Brown is a big name for most people that know anything about music. After all, she was the daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. She’s even more well-known now, though, for more unfortunate reasons. Brown was found face down in a bathtub with a cocktail of drugs in her system. There was some evidence that suggested the situation was a homicide, but no criminal charges have been filed toward her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, the most likely person to commit the crime. Let’s explore the Bobbi Kristina case.

Even though Gordon wasn’t charged for Brown’s homicide, he has been charged in the case between him and Brown. Bobby Brown was pleased to hear the court’s determination concerning his daughter’s case. “All I ever wanted was answers relating to who and what caused my daughter’s death. Today’s judgment tells me it was Nick Gordon” stated the famed singer.

What Happened to Bobbi Kristina?

It’s believed that Nick Gordon gave Bobbi Kristina a cocktail of drugs that allowed her to go unconscious and she was positioned face down into a full bathtub. There were drugs in her system that would suggest this, but not enough additional proof to say for sure what happened to the late Brown.  Nick Gordon is known for treating Brown poorly and for accessing some of her money that he didn’t have any right accessing. These charges, on top of the evidence that is available makes it easy to assume that Brown suffered at the hands of Nick Gordon.

The Final Verdict

Nick Gordon was found guilty by default, because he continuously avoided showing up to scheduled court hearings. All of the charges filed against him were given to him by default and a court is still deciding just how much he’ll have to pay in total fees. The original sought after amount was $50 million, but the final amount could be very different depending on the court decision.

No Criminal Charges

Even though some experts believe that Gordon was behind the death of Brown, the autopsy of Brown’s body marked the cause of death as inconclusive. This left Gordon without any criminal charges, but he is still expected to have to pay damages into Brown’s estate.

It’s hard to decide if the case is a victory or a defeat. Money will certainly be added into Brown’s estate, but without criminal charges, Nick Gordon could be getting away with murder, which is something that no family likes to hear.

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