Car CrashesWhen a car crashes, it is very concerning when a pedestrian in the area walking down the road or sidewalk is involved. These pedestrians do not have the protection of a vehicle, since they’re out in the open, while the person in the vehicle is generally not hurt at all. The resulting crash can cause injuries, or even be fatal to the pedestrian that was in the way of the vehicle. This past year it has been shown that there is an increase in the amount of these accidents that have happened.

This is concerning for many pedestrians that are trying to make it to their destination, but sadly never do.

It has risen ten percent more than in recent years. This is the biggest increase that has been seen since 1975. The Highway Safety Association has released this information and has urged caution to not only those driving vehicles, but those that will be walking on roads where vehicles frequent. This report has found that more pedestrians are now involved in traffic accidents than in any other subsequent year and it does not include those accidents that do not involve pedestrians at all.

What Is This Rise Caused By?

There are several factors that can be considered that are contributing to this increase.

  • More drivers are on the road when the gas prices decrease.
  • More people choose to walk to work, school or to run errands when the weather is nice.
  • The growing number of accidents has risen with the rising technology and cell phone usage.
  • More drug and alcohol related crashes.

There are many strategies that are being implemented to reduce the number of pedestrians that are involved with these crashes. Some of them include more traffic enforcement, traffic safety measures such as larger curbs and more street lights, identification of high risk zones, road safety audits, community based safety assessments and public information campaigns that work to teach everyone about these incidents and how they can help to prevent them.

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