why should i retain a personal injury lawyer?If you have been injured, whether in a car accident or a boating accident or even if you tripped over a rug left in the aisle of a store, you should get a personal injury attorney. Sure, the company will offer to settle and if the injury wasn’t too bad the $40,000 the claim specialist offered sounds pretty good. But what if down the line, the repaired arm causes you problems, or what if it doesn’t heal correctly. Now that you have settled, your options are over. Settlements typically include a clause that you can no longer sue them.

What Can a Lawyer Get You?

Each state has its own laws regarding the amount of compensation that a victim of personal injury can be awarded. Some have no limit while others, like Florida, have limits as to the amount of compensation you can receive for your economic losses. In general, the damages a personal injury attorney in Melbourne, Florida can get you relate to numerous areas of your life. For example, a personal injury attorney can get you compensated for lost wages, even if you were paid by personal, sick or vacation time through your job.

Depending on your injury, you may be looking at continuing care in the future. You may have medical expenses and rehabilitation expenses that you can’t foresee, but a personal injury attorney is experienced in this. These lawyers have resources that can quantify your future expenses based on previous cases, or on medical treatment literature that shows the potential for expenses in the future with this type of injury.

If you have any permanent injuries such as disfigurement or disability a personal injury attorney can get you compensation for that. They can also get you compensation for any emotional distress this disfigurement or disability causes you. This distress can be anxiety or depression.

While you were recovering from your injuries, if you had to hire someone to take care of daily household chores your personal injury attorney can make sure you aren’t left responsible for the cost of this service. If you already paid for this service, a personal injury attorney in Melbourne, Florida can make sure you’re reimbursed.

One more thing a personal injury attorney can do is to reduce the stress you have from this injury. With a personal injury attorney, you won’t be going through this traumatic time alone.

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