water park injury FloridaWater parks are great fun, especially if you live in Florida. They sure do give you a break from the heat. For the most part water parks are safe. They are highly regulated and regularly inspected. But no matter how much oversight there is and no matter how diligent a water park company is, accidents still happen and can be devastating and permanent.

If you incur an injury at a water park there are numerous entities that can be held liable, depending on the circumstances. The fault may lie with the operator of the water slide, or it could be a design defect that makes the slide’s manufacturer responsible. Warning signs are also important for both the water slide operator (company) and the slide’s manufacturer. This is why it’s important to contact an attorney if you have a personal injury related to a water park. Without a personal injury attorney, you will likely never be fairly compensated for what you’ve gone through and the amount of work that may be lost.

So What Can Happen at a Water Park?

In a water park you can start with the locker room. The rule is that you must shower before entering the water park from the locker room. When you are in the shower you notice the water isn’t draining properly and is making the tile floor extra slippery because of it. You fall and you break your arm. Can you sue? You could show they recklessly didn’t repair the drain problem or shut down that shower until it is repaired. Perhaps they were supposed to regularly inspect the showers and neglected to do so. Any of the above could place the water park in a position of responsibility.

What if you are on a water slide and the attendant lets you go while someone else is still sliding down? Because of this, the weight limit is exceeded on the slide and it bends, causing you to go over the side of the slide and injuring yourself. This would be the fault of the water slide operator for not following procedures. Worse would be if there were no procedures, just verbal instruction to the high school kid hired to monitor the slide.

You could also sue if you were in a water park that didn’t properly chlorinate their water, causing you to contract a skin bacteria. This type of case would likely violate local regulations. It could also impact the inspection agency if they were remiss in noticing the lack of maintenance records or simply missed an inspection.

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