Boating accidents can be fairly straightforward or complex, depending on the circumstances of the accident. If it involves only the negligent operation of the boat by the operator then it is pretty straightforward, depending on what can be proved; inexperience, operating a boat while intoxicated. But sometimes it can get more complex.

If multiple boats are involved, it gets a little trickier. Again, it depends on the specific circumstances, but it could be that the operator of your boat is not liable and the operator of the second boat is. Or both could have responsibility. One thing is for sure, if you are in Melbourne, Florida and are in a boating accident, you should definitely seek legal counsel well versed in personal injury.

What if I Am at Fault?

If you think you are responsible you may be thinking that just because you are no good at water skiing or you fell out of a tube that was being towed behind a boat and were subsequently injured, that it means you are to blame. But that isn’t always true. Though you may fall in the water a lot, the operator of your boat and other boats in the area, are responsible for acting with due care. If you can prove that they didn’t exercise due care then you can hold them responsible for your injuries.

This generally requires a lawyer to handle for you. You will not get very far with either the insurance companies that insure the boat operators or the boat operators themselves. There are rules and regulations that boat operators must follow. If you aren’t well-versed in these laws, you will be lucky if your medical care is covered, let alone that you’ll be compensated for lost time at work or for rehabilitation costs.

So What Kind of Accidents Are Complex?

Suppose you are in a tube being towed behind a boat. You fall out. The operator of the boat doesn’t notice and you are left out in the water. Another boat comes by and hits you and you end up with an amputated leg. This case actually happened. So, what was the result?

The operator of the boat was held liable because it is his obligation to circle around and pick you up. He must use the highest degree of care to prevent injury to his passengers. He failed by leaving you stranded in the water. The other boater also had this obligation and is supposed to maintain a proper lookout, which he obviously didn’t.

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