personal injury MelbourneWhen it comes to a personal injury timeline with your case, you must have patience. This can be a long, drawn-out process that deserves your full attention. When you’re working with a Brevard County, Florida, personal injury attorney, you will have a lot of contact and communication throughout the process. Here is what you should expect with your personal injury lawyer.

The Four Steps to a Personal Injury Case

  1. Find and Speak with a Lawyer
  2. Investigate the Case and Review it Entirely
  3. File the Lawsuit
  4. Negotiate a Settlement or Bring the Case to Trial

It is important that you speak with a qualified lawyer in Melbourne, Florida, today to find out more regarding your case. This is someone that can provide you with a bit more information regarding your own particular case, what steps need to be taken, and what items you are going to need to begin to gather.

Investigation Stages

The investigation stages provide the case with the information it needs in order to proceed forward with the trial. Oftentimes, the lawyer will want to seek restitution in the form of a settlement. This is to keep the case from going to court and settle it in a quicker manner.

The lawyer may require you to provide additional documentation and further proof of the information that you provided them with already. This can include updated repair estimates, all past and present medical reports and bills, as well estimated recovery times from your doctor. This information is then used to make a final determination on the size of the lawsuit settlement that will be entered into court.

Once the lawsuit is filed, you can expect to hear back regarding the case within a month or so. During this time, the lawyer will tell you what to expect when or if the lawsuit goes through and is answered.

Keep in mind, the process for a personal injury case can be a long, drawn out one. It can take some time to get the results that you want or expect. It is always important to speak with your personal injury attorney regarding the individual time that is expected with your case. During this time, it is also important that you keep up with all of your medical obligations such as therapy and follow-up appointments. Also, if anything changes, make sure you get documentation that states what has changed and notify your attorney immediately. It will allow your attorney to make adjustments to your claim or their approach to the case if need be.

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