Social Media Web SignsWhen it comes to having a personal injury claim, generally the person would go confide in a lawyer and speak with them about the options that they have. Sometimes it is settled in court, other times it can be settled out of court. It is done, and not many people know about what happened, why it happened and who was involved.

Now, with technology on the rise, we have a lot of social media that is used and going around.

Social media now is where so many people share confidential and otherwise personal information over the Internet, where so many others are able to see it. Anything, from the slightest comment to the picture that is shared out there can be damaging to a person, case or client. While the person that took the photo might have thought it was harmless, it might not actually be.

The defense counsel out there is looking for anything that they can use against this person to dispute their claim and win the case. Social media is the hot bed that the defense counsel is able to use in their favor, from the seemingly innocent pictures to the comments that are made. In some states, it is even required that you provide the counsel with your user name and password for your social media websites so that they know your presence on the web and know whether or not it can be used against you.

If you’re fighting a personal injury case, you need to do your very best not to post or have others post pictures or comments about you. Anything that is posted up on there is in a public domain, which can be used against you when you’d rather it not be. Posts and pictures can be taken into different views, which can lead you into a bad position when trying to win the case that you think you have.

Keep in mind, even if your profile and other information is set to private, investigators are still able to get into the information that is held within the online world. You may not necessarily be safe.

Avoid posting anything on social media about your personal injury claim at all. This is in your best interest and the interest of others. Always speak with a professional personal injury lawyer regarding the questions or concerns you have regarding your case, a case you may have or anything regarding social media and your case.

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